Architektas Rebrand

Architektas is a young architecture practice based in London. They were looking to expand their business and improve their image. They wanted a new logo, which would be versatile and adaptable in print media and all digital media platforms. 

After completing a basic marketing research we moved to branding, so simple logo redesign became much more in depth study tailored for their business. The result of those two processes was a creative brief and a guide for me to follow. 

After completing research I have decided to create a word mark using bold style as to emphasize the strength and trustworthiness of the company. For the small icons in the smaller formats I choose a capital letter A. The best typeface for this purpose was Source Sans Pro. It had a contemporary, graphic style but still classic and timeless. The colour scheme selected was black and white, which would become a great frame for the beautiful works and content of the company.

iPad Mock-up Concrete Staircase logo.jpg
architektas text.jpg
iMac Architektas website page.jpg
labels cropped_1-3.jpg